Maximise. Advance. Develop.

Retaining focus in an atmosphere of complexity.
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As organisations grow, it is easy for even the most mission-driven charities to lose sight of its goals. We have witnessed countless examples of this in the UK charity sector alone, with mismanagement manifested by symptoms of misappropriation of funds and abuse of power. At Changefinity, we are able to retain a laser-sharp focus on serving our core group of beneficiaries by following a simple set of guiding frameworks, which we call: Maximise, Advance, Develop.
In case you haven’t yet noticed, these three words form the acronym for our organisation’s founding name, Make a Difference. It’s easy to create a difference in daily life, but it takes much more planning and dedication to create change that lasts. Our three-part framework allows us to do so efficiently, making sure that 100% of what you give goes directly to those in need.
Maximise. Wherever we operate, we ensure that we maximise human potential, and maximise the value of our resources. As a charity, our primary obligation is to our clients, and secondly, to our donors. We have to ensure that our budget is allocated to enable maximum growth while minimising wastage. We do not operate plush offices or guest houses (unlike other charities in our field), and most importantly, we enforce a strict policy of only using donors’ funds on serving those in need, and not administrative expenses.
We also maximise human potential. From affirmatively hiring those with special needs, or those from ethnic minority or lower socio-economic backgrounds, we maximise human potential and allow individuals to flourish with us. We invest in our people, in hopes that they will become the best they can be, and serve others to the best of their abilities.
We advance causes that matter, and advance people that lack a voice in our society. Our work helping refugee children settle into new cities, and providing women suffering from domestic or sexual violence with counselling has continued successfully to this day. We advance causes that other charities may overlook, and we retain a laser-sharp focus while doing so. Case in point, our sister charity BAME United was set up specifically to advance ethnic minority voice. In the charity sector, ethnic minority rights often come as an afterthought, taking a backseat behind other attached causes such as poverty or hunger. Our approach is different.
By putting ethnic minority voices at the front and centre of our work, we allow BAME voices to flourish. With authentic grassroots leadership from a board comprised entirely of ethnic minority members, we tackle racial challenges head on. We advance these causes with a sharp focus because this is who we are.
We develop the people and the communities that we work in. We understand that resources and time is finite, and practice an approach of Solidarity, Not Charity. We grow those we serve, allowing them to stand tall. We build communities so that they are stronger and more resilient. We measure our success not through temporary metrics, but through long term milestones achieved by those we serve. Change for Chance was started specifically for this purpose, operating schools and shelters to allow communities to band together in strength.
At Changefinity, we are accountable to those we serve. We operate with the sole purpose of advancing individual abilities and rights, and our success lays in reaching new milestones alongside those we serve. It is crucial that all of our services are delivered alongside this Make a Difference framework, with our success thus far being testament to our dedication towards delivering individual focus while advancing communities.