About Our Rebrand

A brief introduction to our Foundation's rebranding.
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In early 2014, I started The Difference Foundation after witnessing the devastating effects of poverty on many in Hong Kong. Envisioning a city where everyone can thrive regardless of who they are or where they were from, I launched a school-based campaign that soon expanded into a global charity running over 70 schools, 10 community centres, and serving thousands of underserved individuals. Through rapid expansion, I have insisted that our Foundation stay true to our founding purpose, which is to serve the interests of those in need or in our care. We don’t have fancy offices or guesthouses for our staff, and most of our staff are completely unpaid.
What differentiates us from more established organisations is our democratic, grassroots leadership structure. All of our staff has direct influence on who we are and what we will become. Thanks to generous sponsors, we have zero operating costs, meaning that 100% of what you give today goes directly towards serving those in need.
In the past, your generosity has supported our shelters and counselling programs for single mothers affected by domestic violence, or women and children who were victims of sexual assault. Your donations have also supported countless refugees and our efforts to fight their corner, preventing deportations and allowing them to rebuild their lives within our communities by providing them with emotional counselling, a free school place, and free housing. We have not stopped striving to serve the disadvantaged, and we will not stop until every single child is in school, until every single citizen has a roof over their head at night, and until women and children affected by domestic violence have a safe haven to escape abuse. This is who we are.
Today, I am proud to announce that we are rebranding to The Changefinity Foundation. This rebrand will allow us to refocus and continue on our mission to serve those in need. It is a unique name, meaning that it will now be easier for potential donors to discover our work, and is distinct and easy to pronounce. Our name is made of two key parts, ‘change’ and ‘finity’.
Change is constant and easy to come by.
If you do something different, you are in effect creating change. However, meaningful change – change that builds a positive momentum which improves an individual’s life – is harder to build. Our work here at Changefinity is to connect people to opportunities, inspire positive change that improves their lives, and encourages the mindset of public service. We are here not just to make a temporary difference, we are here to change the lives of the many in underprivileged communities who have great potential, but are struggling under our society’s current systems.
Finity can stand for many things. Infinity is the first that comes to mind – we will not stop in doing what we do until every child has access to quality education. Affinity, however, is a keyword that I wish to emphasise. Charities exist solely to serve those in need, yet as organisations expand, it becomes easier for them to lose focus. We see countless examples of charities using donors’ funds to build lavish guesthouses for senior staff, while endless stories of sexual abuse by senior leadership at some of the world’s largest charities frequently surface. This cannot happen, and change starts here, with us.
Our democratic governance structure means that we stay true to our purpose, are held accountable through regular audits, and remain transparent. We serve those in need by listening to what they really need, not just what we think they need. This structure of governance has allowed us to thrive until now, and with renewed vigour following our rebranding, I’m sure we will continue to thrive as we step into our next decade of service.
Changefinity, the new unified brand for Make a Difference.
With regards,
Harry Sun
Founder, The Changefinity Group